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Letter: Is corruption continuing?
Published on April 15, 2015 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Governor Beckingham,

It is with great regret that I acknowledge that you have finally demonstrated yourself to be nothing more than another incompetent and or corrupt British bureaucrat and paper tiger.

The tenure of Governor Gordon Wetherell was a God-send for this country. Wetherell demonstrated respect for the people of the TCI and refused to acquiesce to the greedy desires of wealthy, influential or corrupt businessmen. During Wetherell’s tenure government corruption was substantially diminished and became an exception, rather than the rule it had been for the previous six years before Wetherell’s arrival.

Governor Ric Todd’s arrival signaled the return of the same “pay to play” and “what can you do for me” corruption that was so pervasive during the Michael Misick administration. And when low level civil servants and elected officials watch British governors engage in corrupt or inappropriate behaviours and practices, they feel empowered and “entitled” to do the same.

In a deal that was secret until it was too late, former Governor Ric Todd gave a 1,000 year Crown Land lease to the owners of the Amanyara Resorts for an outrageous and ridiculously low price. Todd allowed himself to be influenced by the filet mignon and cabernet sauvignon that was so freely dispensed upon him by the owners and operators of the Amanyara Resort.

Former Governor Ric Todd’s refusal to honour the terms and conditions of the development agreement with the developers of West Caicos was not only financially damaging to the developers of West Caicos, but significantly damaged the credibility of the TCI government in the minds of international developers who routinely hire prestigious international accounting firms to monitor a government’s compliance with its commitments as a means of quantifying financial risk.

Ric Todd’s personal assault and intentional obstruction of the Conch Farm development on behalf of and for the benefit of Lord Ashcroft’s environmentally damaging dredging project in Leeward has already caused the people of the TCI millions of dollars in litigation expenses and is very likely to end in an earth shattering award to the Conch Farm operators because former Governor Ric Todd’s actions were so intentional and egregious.

After former Governor Ric Todd had completed tarnishing the “Beautiful by Nature” mantra of the TCI by personally championing “Dolphin Jails”, “18 story high-rises on the beach” and “Leeward dredging” he was compelled to depart the TCI like a cockroach in the night because his integrity and credibility had deteriorated to less than that of a “street walker” or “prostitute” who are known to say whatever they have to say to get what they want.

Records indicate that Former Governor Ric Todd is on duty in Cyprus where he is again operating on behalf of and for the benefit of Lord Michael Ashcroft’s interests.

Unfortunately, Governor Beckingham, your administration of the TCI is currently being judged on your complete and total failure to make any attempt at all to protect locals in the travesty of justice that is prevailing in the theft of Crown Land by Mortimer Sackler and Michel Neutelings at the Providenciales International Airport for a project where no locals are involved contrary to law and to the detriment of the people of the TCI.

You, sir, are being judged by your complete and total failure to make any attempt at all to protect Lyndon Gardiner, the local and long-time FBO operator who has continually invested his profits back into the TCI and expanded local employment. You do so in favor of foreigners who contribute little or nothing to the people of the TCI.

Governor Beckingham, you and the Integrity Commission have all been provided with a mountain of objective evidence that clearly demonstrates an illegal and corrupt transaction involving Crown Land at PLS has taken place but you all refuse to act.

Anybody in the TCI that has seen the publication of documents in the local newspaper about the M. Aviation / Blue Heron FBO, knows an illegal and corrupt transaction involving Crown Land at PLS has taken place and they also know you and the Integrity Commission are refusing to act.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. You all appear to be corrupt. Is it so?

I wonder where you will be dispensed to, and who you will be assigned to shill for, when your career ends here in the TCI and you too have lost all credibility.

Edith Delancy
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